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Post  Yondaime on Tue Oct 28, 2008 11:23 pm

Kumo Keijou

The ability to be a spider is helpful to many ninjas, but only those born with the shape of the spider can use its full extent.

Genin Skills

Spider Bind: Kumo Shibari (100 chakra) hold opponent two turns, can't interupt or block.

Spider Sticking Spit: Kumo Nento (75 chakra, passive) Your next attack cannot be blocked. Can't interupt. You must wait 2 full turns to use this again after using it. Can't make moves "Can't avoid/can't block/can't interupt".

Chuunin Skills

Spider Sticky Gold Bow (100 chakra) Allows you to shoot all types of your golden 'arrows'. You may add 200 life damage to the next arrow you shoot. Once per battle.

Web Armor(50 chakra) -passive- blocks all taijutsu and throwing weapons from opponets last post.

* Spider Sticky Gold Arrow (200 chakra) 300 life damage. Uninteruptable and unblockable. Three times per battle.

Jounin Skills

Spider Web Area: Kumo Sōkai (200 chakra) Avoid all attacks from opponents last turn (including unavoidable moves but not genjutsu). Or this can be used in a travelling thread, to make it so the next time you escape from the thread normally, nothing can be used after you escape to hold/stop you back etc. Once per battle.

* Spiralling Sticky Gold Arrow (300 chakra) 400 life damage. Unavoidable. Once per battle. **

Third eye; Open (100 chakra, passive) Open your third eye. This eye increases your accuracy alot. Chose one of the following effects.

--All your Kumo keijou moves can't be avoided by clones for 4 turns. Once per battle.

--You can use this move to avoid one move from your opponents last post. Once per battle.

Spider Web Unfold: Kumo Sōkai (250 chakra) Hold opponent for 3 posts. This cannot be blocked or interupted. During this time all Kumo Keijou moves deal 50 more damage.

*Requires "Spider Sticky Gold Bow"
**If used in Juin lvl 2 (in Cursed Seal of Thundar), and if you have your third eye open, the move becomes CUA. The chakra cost and the damage cannot be modified, and no effects may be added on to modify it either (like stop opponent 1 turn, poison damage, etc).

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