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Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 9:03 am

For Genin and up

Dynamic Entry
Cost: 200 Ryo
Mission XP: 10
-This jutsu is simply a flying jump kick at the side of the enemy's face while shouting "dynamic entry".

Effect: 75 damage [Chakra: 50

Leaf Gale
Cost: 300 Ryo
Mission XP: 10
With great quickness and agility, Lee performs a full 360 degree low sweeping kick that knocks their opponent off their feet if he does it weakly, and sends them soaring back if it is done strongly. It is said that Lee can create a small whirlwind with this technique.

Effect: 100 damage [Chakra: 75

Thousand Months of Death
Cost: 200
Mission XP: 10
-A very simple technique with an over dramatic name, One Thousand Years of Death is little more than inserting one's index and middle fingers (similar to the Tiger hand sign) into the opponent's rectum, causing constipation and/or embarrassment.

-Effect: 25 damage, stun opponent 1 turn [Chakra:50 ] Every 50 chakra you add can either add 25 to damge or a turn that opponent is stunned, Max of 75 chakra

Leaf Rising Wind
Mission XP:5
-The user does a kick to the air wich causes to block a opponent taijutsu

-Effect: Interupts an opponent's taijutsu and deals 75 damage [Chakra: 75

Dust Cloud
Mission XP:15
-A jutsu in wich the only thing you have to do is create a dust cloud throuh your kicks

-Effect: ESP if used at the same turn as another d rank jutsu this will be passive [Chakra: 75

Mission XP:5
-Yup...just a punch

-Effect: If used in the same turn as another D ranked taijutsu this skill will be passive deals 50 damage [Chakra: 25

Mission XP:5 just kick in this one =P

-Effect: Deal 100 damage id used same turn as another d rank taijutsu it becomes passive [Chakra:50[b][/b][b][/b]

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