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Post  Yondaime on Wed Oct 29, 2008 9:05 am

For Jounin and up

Morning Peacock
Mission XP:25
Exclusive to Might Guy, this jutsu uses six of the Eight Gates to give the user unmatched speed and strength. After the gates are open, Guy will approach his opponent in a somewhat distinctive stance and, once he gets close enough, kick them into the air. He then hits his opponent over and over, causing a peacock-like fan of flaming chakra to develop. Once Guy is finished, his opponent will fall back to the ground, covered in the attacks' aura.

Effect: 400 Damage -can't block- can't aviod [Chakra:200

Toad Sword Beheading
Mission XP:25
Requires:Toad Contract and Boss toad summon
This jutsu involves Gamabunta using his huge dosu (Yakuza sword) to attack his opponent

Effect: 400 damage unaviodable[Chakra:250 -once per battle-

Silent Homiced Technique
Mission XP:35
-As the name suggests, this technique is simply a very quiet method of killing an opponent, usually from behind with a blade. Additionally, because the user is very silent, it cannot be defended against. The user will often slit their opponent's throat, preventing any cry that might give them away. Zabuza was a master of this technique, and was even good enough to track and kill opponents through sound alone.

-Effect: If used the same turn on a pj or the moment you conceal yourself it becomes a CUA Deals 500 damage [Chakra:250

The Remaining Gates only hot blooded user may purchase them

[1000 For Each Gate]

Harm Gate: Causes all taijutsu to deal extra 200 damage [Chakra:150 self damage
[This stacks with the initial gate]

Limit Gate:The opponent must now pay 50 every 2 turns to attack the user but the user must pay 25 life each 2 turns to keep active [Chakra:200

View Gate You gain 400 health [Chakra 300

Wonder Gate:The user may use an extra skill every 3 turns [Self Damage:175

Death Gate:All tai become CUAs and deal 200 damage [Self Damage:900

*Only one gate per turn.
**Must open the previous Gate before the next can be.
*** If you die while in the death gate, You must pay 2x the amount of post needed to revive yourself.

Tobidougu - Projectile Weapons
Mission XP:25
-Tobidougu is a jutsu summoning technique utilized by the Leaf ninja TenTen. TenTen specializes in throwing projectile weapons. To enable her to carry more weapons, she will store them in a summoning scroll. When needed she can unwrap the scroll and summon whatever weapon she needs.

-Effect: Opponent takes 350 damage -Multi-Hit- [Chakra:175

[More to come]

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